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Nurture & Bloom Parent And Baby Wellness

At Nurture & Bloom our aim is to empower you as a parent, to prioritise your wellbeing, as this will support you and your baby’s needs. We will provide classes that support & nurture the positive mental wellbeing.

Our Current Timetable from Autumn 2023

Nurturing Bath Babies

Nurturing Bath Babies is a unique class where the focus is on nurturing touch, connection and wellbeing. This is neither a baby spa nor a hygiene bath. It is the perfect introduction to early water experiences for baby, a supportive experience for parents providing a deeper sensory water connection for babies.

During the five-week course, you and your baby will enjoy a new theme and sensory experience each week. This will be followed by time for the babies to snuggle in our luxurious robes, get dried off and warmed ready for their massage. We will then move through a beautiful relaxing guided positive touch baby massage to help encourage parent baby bonding.

Perfect for babies from 6 weeks. If joining us pre-6 weeks, please check with your health professional.

Nurturing In Nature Outdoor Classes

Tree Babies is a unique parent and baby class offering the opportunity for parents to connect with themselves, their babies, their community and nature. Classes provide focus on the parents wellbeing as research shows a babies wellbeing is significantly impacted by that of their parents.

Tree Babies provides a natural environment for you to draw upon your senses to provide you with a relaxed and calming class that supports you in nurturing your bond and connection with your beautiful baby.

Tree Tots follows a similar flow to Tree Babies but the class is aimed at more active children over 12 months and siblings.

It provides an environment where children can explore their senses in nature. Activities are provided each week but the class is guided by the children.

For families who are unable to make weekday classes you can join Nurturing in Nature Tree Families – a monthly weekend retreat for the whole family to enjoy.

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Baby Massage

Baby massage is an incredible way to get to know your baby, increase bonding, help with sleep, tummy troubles, and speech and language development.

It is also a relaxing class, while being beneficial and comforting, providing a life skill for both parent or carer and baby for many years to come.

Classes are suitable from 6 weeks, after your postnatal checks.

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Mother and Baby Yoga

Suitable following your postnatal check (around 6-8 weeks). Baby Yoga is a gentle way to calm the mind and strengthen the body whilst enjoying time with your baby.

Each week we will practise a variety of breathing and relaxation exercises alongside gentle movements to build up core strength, emotional well-being and overall fitness after birth.

It is a great way to ease yourself back into exercise as the moves are designed for you and your baby to do together so you can bond while getting fitter.

Nurturing Prenatal Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is suitable from 12 weeks pregnant and provides time for gentle yoga stretches and work to soothe aches and pains commonly associated with pregnancy.

In the class you will also prepare for labour doing breathing exercises to help work through contractions and then at the end have some wonderful wind down time for just you and bump and if you wish.

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