Our Summer Specials

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Thank you for your interest in our Summer Special classes. Please complete your details on our interest form and we will be in touch soon to confirm details.

Summer Nurturing Bath Babies


Join us on SATURDAY 30TH JULY & 6TH AUGUST at Lichfield Children’s Centre!!

A special Nurturing Bath Babies event combining elements from our 5 week parent and baby class providing a truly unique bonding experience.

With just five baby baths, classes are kept small to ensure we create an intimate sensory experience for parents and babies.

Suitable from 6 weeks old to around 8 months old. If joining before 6 weeks old please check with a Health Care Professional.

Bringing together the sensory experience of Water’s Touch and Baby Massage. A full sensory experience where we create the perfect experience. We have the lights low to create a soothing environment filled with calming music.

In this event we will guide you through nurturing holds and moves. Babies will experience relaxation in their own bath, followed by time to snuggle in our luxurious robes. We will move through a beautiful relaxing guided positive touch baby massage to help encourage parent baby bonding.

Your investment for this special event is just £15

Story Massage & Movement

Story Massage is a lovely way of mixing nurturing, positive, respectful touch with fun, creative and interactive storytelling.

Our Story Massage is suitable for all ages, is done fully clothed and no oil is used. Parents learn simple massage strokes which are used to describe words. For example, parents might use a big circular massage movement to illustrate the sun is shining, or a walking massage movement to illustrate a bear. We combine story, massage and movement throughout the session.

What are the benefits of Massage Stories for babies?

Story Massage can help with physical, emotional and social development:

  • Massage stories allow parents to continue to offer nurturing massage as the child grows. It is a life-long skill that they can use for many years.
  • Repetition of songs and stories encourages anticipation, development of language skills, focus and concentration, communication, turn taking and socialising skills
  • Research (taken from The Touch Institute, Miami) has proven that children who learn healthy views of touch and are provided with tactile experience by a parent or carers are more likely to grow up with a healthy self image, a sense of appropriate boundaries and long lasting intimate relationships.
  • Babies, children and parents enjoy the fun, creativity and interaction of positive touch through the Story Massage Programme.
  • Story Massage offers parents the opportunity to connect and relax with their child through the medium of story telling, singing and loving touch. This helps build upon their existing parent/child bond.

Your investment of just £6 for two adults and one child, and £3 for any additional children.