Sensory Baby Spa

The Ultimate Experience For You and Your Baby

Sensory Baby Spa

Our Sensory Baby Spa is a 60 minute parent and baby bonding experience. Classes are kept small to ensure we create an intimate sensory experience for parents and babies.

A full sensory experience in the beautiful Sensory Room, Rugeley where we create the perfect experience. We have the lights out to create a soothing environment filled with relaxing scent and calming music.

What To Expect

Before we begin we will guide you through a relaxation and breathing technique to bring you a sense a calm. Studies show that when their parents are calm and relaxed it creates a sense of peace for baby.

Babies will then experience relaxation in our sensory baths, the perfect time to enjoy quite and stillness with your baby. We will use lights, bubbles and song to stimulate your babies senses. This will be followed by time for the babies to snuggle in our luxurious robes, get dried off and warmed ready for their massage. We will then move through a beautiful relaxing guided positive touch baby massage to help encourage parent baby bonding.

Time is then available at the end to finish by capturing a unique Sensory Baby Spa photo within our beautiful flower circle. You will receive a photo and certificate of attendance to take away with you to remember your sensory baby spa experience.

These sessions are booked as a single session but you can attend as many times as you wish as your baby will have a different sensory experience each time you attend as they develop and grow.

This is a peaceful small class suitable for pre-crawlers where you can be as sociable or as unsociable as you wish, the main focus is interaction between YOU and your BABY.

Our Location

Our classes are held at The Sensory Room, Victory Church, Rugeley on Tuesday’s from 11.15am.

All you will need to bring is your changing bag with usual items (nappy, wipes, etc) a small towel and blanket and Nurture & Bloom will provide you with everything needed to immerse yourselves into your relaxing experience including a warm baby bath, a comfortable mat and cushion, organic massage oil, baby robes for class use and photo props. 

After your session if you wish to you can make your way to the wonderful Hub Cafe to enjoy refreshments.

Why a Sensory Baby Spa?

A while ago I was teaching Baby Massage and often heard how much parents enjoyed the special bond that was formed through trust and connection created in my classes.

Some parents can feel an intense attachment within the first moments or sometimes days after their baby’s birth. However, for others it may take longer. But bonding is a process, not something that occurs within minutes and not something that has to be limited to happening within a certain time period after birth. For many parents, bonding is part of everyday care giving which you may not even know it’s happening until you see your babies first smile and suddenly realise that your filled with intense love and joy.

So I created my classes to nurture love and connection ensuing babies feel valued and safe, listened to and always asking permission, making Baby Massage a mutual practice in loving touch.

Each Sensory Baby Spa accommodates only 4 babies to help create that intimate experience and encourage this bonding process. Its a chance for not only babies to relax but parents too. You are welcome to bring one other person with you to share and enjoy the session.